Basic Glossary Of Spices

To share with all of you, in honesty, I have never ever cooked with a recipe, nor written one down in my life! This is the first time, that I have made an effort. I have smelled and tasted and would know exactly what ingredients have gone in that dish, or in what 652proportion, or quantity. I have always used the pinches and handfuls, where my friends and colleagues let me do that my way, and measured that in terms of TspsĀ  and Tbsps and cupful or half measures, the whole process was sure amusing.

This is a humble effort towards putting a glossary of terms and names together, a process to make things simpler for those who are across the globe and the ingredients are a bit difficult to find. Things that you can substitute the original component in a dish with, go brave, experiment, have fun, and do remember to add that “One Pinch of Love” to whatever you make.

Basic Spices:

Namak / Meeth : Salt

Sakhar/Cheeni/khaand/Shakkar: White Sugar

Gurr/Goll/Gudd: Jaggery

Lal Tikhat: Red Chili Powder

Haldi: Turmeric

Jeera: Cumin seeds

Methi dana: Fenugreek Seeds

Kali Miri : Black pepper Corns

Mirpud: Black pepper powder

Hing: Asafoetida ( a resin)

Mohari/ Raii : black Mustard seeds

Mohari Daal: Split hulled Black mustard seeds

Dhania: Coriander seeds

Gota Khobre: Dry coconut

Dalchini: Cinnamon

Velchi/Elaichi/Veldoda: Green Cardamon

Doda Elaichi: Black Cardamon

Jaiphal: Nutmeg

JaiPatri: Mace

Tamalpatra/ tejpatta: Bay Leaves

Kalaunji: Nigella seeds/onion seeds

Badaain/Chakriphool: Star Anise

Badi Saunf: Fennel

Kashmiri Saunf: Anise

Ajwaain/Ovva: Carom seeds/ bishops weed seeds/thymol seeds

Lavang/Laung: Cloves

Shahjeera: Black cumin seeds/Caraway

Khuskhus: Poppy seeds

Anardana: dried Pomegranate seeds

Chinch/Immlii: Tamarind

Safed Till: white sesame seeds

Kala Till: Black sesame seeds

Kasuri Methi: dried Fenugreek leaves ( tender shoots)

Kessur/ Keshar: Saffron

Sarson: Red/yellow Mustard seeds

Saunth: Dry ginger

Amchoor: Dry raw mango (powder)

Patthar/dagad Phool: Rock flower ( a kind of moss found in the mountains)

Soppa/Shepa: Dill Seeds








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