Road Runner musings !

A famous quote – “If Wanderlust bites you on the rear, only thing to do is Pray”

” Lord, I promise I will be a good gal, but please please, no really, Pleeeeeeaaaaazzeeee, take me to every corner of this beautiful place called World!”

My prayer ??? Hell Yeah !

I have traveled so much, and yet I feel, i haven’t even seen anything yet !

I want to share with you incidences, funny things, scary things, amazement, disappointments, mistakes, each one of it only made me wiser, eh, thats a lil doubtful, but smarter for sure, and richer beyond measurable means !

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The spice of life and the life of a dish is all in the Masala! (the spices used)

Masala simply means a mix of various spices used in a specific combination and form. The spices used are not used, “Just Because” or in any random order, or just thrown into the pot or the dish. Each spice has a very specific reason for its use and its hierarchy and form, to complement the dish, its taste and its energy. If it is added to the hot oil, it has to bloom and not burn. specific spices are pre roasted and then pulverized, some used raw.

212I have always made my own masalas, and I will be very happy to share those with you here.

The Inspiration

Aai- my paternal grandmother , a phenomenal woman, in its true sense ! In my tiny eyes, she was the most beautiful woman in this entire World! The most modern woman, that ever walked this planet ! draped in a 9 yard saree, both shoulders always covered, standing tall and her eyes piercing straight through your heart, smiling warmly, with a mischievous twinkle ! My SHeroine !

Chef Shami with Aii

(Chef Shami with her grandmother)

Nothing was impossible for her, she charged like Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi, taking care of a huge joint family, without flinching, always possessing a solution to any problem. This is where I learned unknowingly, “ If there is a problem, there always is a solution,we just have to find it” there is nothing in this world that is IMPOSSIBLE !

I was never taught the word “Limitations” go…….. , go , go ……….., the world is your oyster ! (I didn’t even know what was an Oyster! LOL ) My tiny feet couldn’t run fast enough to keep up with her pace. Whatever she did, I always felt, she was performing a Miracle! She could make a dumb roti blow up like a balooooooooon ! wow ! she was a magician.

I was always hanging at her sides, full of questions, and amazement, she patiently answered everything, teaching me the most precious knowledge, and me soaking up everything like a sponge. As I grew, into a gangly knuckle kneed teenager, who wielded a field hockey stick, rather than a rolling pin, my role in the food world was limited to only screaming the homestead down, demanding Foood ! Aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii Bhuk !

More wonders, more magic, and absolutely fingerlicking delicious food ! I never knew my mind had recorded all those wonderful facts, and filed them away, in various corners of the rebellious mind ! I am forever indebted to her, Kamla Bai Alias Durga Shaligram !

A Phenomenal woman !

The Grandmother Brigade

My Culinary Journey began with the persistent reinforcement of the Grandmother Brigade! Unknowingly the education began, and started getting stored in the remote corners of this crazy rebellious mind.

I am forever indebted to my three Grandmothers – Smt. KamalaBai Shaligram, Smt. KamalaBai Karanjkar and Smt. Apte ( my best friend’s gammy) who all challenged me and ensured I was worthy of the Family Name!

Smt. Kamalabai Karanjkar   (Smt. Kamalabai Karanjkar)

image (2)

(Smt. KamalaBai Shaligram)

The eternal ancient, traditional, time tested and proven science of Indian Food is an extremely complex yet simple and logical phenomenon, based on the Five Elements- The PanchMahabhoota, connecting to the five main systems of the human body and the seasons.

With great humility I bring this page to share with you some of the most simple and traditional dishes, regional cuisines from across the country, few simple tips, and all the mistakes i have made in this journey :)