Chef Shami TrainingWith an experience of almost three decades, Chef Shami brings a bouquet of services to your doorstep, a one stop shop! Each solution is customized as per the clients’ needs, unique to each business and enterprise.

CREATIVE CONCEPTS: Presenting clients with absolutely genuine and unique concepts for start-ups! Those that will match with your existing thought process, resources, budgets and aspirations!

MARKET RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS: Establishing target market, risk analysis, consumer preference based research, concept related surveys, analysis of competition

VENDOR DEVELOPMENT: Sourcing appropriate vendors in all fields, from a paper clip to artisans, that present you with most reasonable wholesale pricing. Assisting in developing appropriate service vendors for outsourcing services that can help save unnecessary labour and replication of efforts.

DESIGN AND DÉCOR: A unique ambience will be designed, customizing to create a wholesome experience for the customers, making it a USP of your enterprise and its identity. Being an artist herself, she is personally involved with every step of the way, creating each element to bring perfection and a signature effect.

TRAININGS: Being an experienced top seeded trainer, Chef Shami takes pride in training each level of human resources, in Behavioural skills, Soft skills, Team building and team bonding, Leadership skills, Customer Service, Communication and presentation skills, Managerial and Supervisory skills, inspiring participants to take the Ownership of task and perform to their best capacity.

All content is again customized to your requirement after in-depth discussions and understanding through need assessment process. Delivery is also suited to the level of participants in multilingual medium, or as required.

MENU PLANNING AND PRICING: Designing a Unique menu, with available local resources, and signature dishes, that accentuates the character of the business. Training the team in Food economy, that helps keep the costs to the minimum. Assisting in learning ways to price items appropriately, that contributes to the long term viability and success of your enterprise.