Indian Hash Browns/ Batata keis

Indian Hash Browns/ Batata keis10440829_864850690255733_7676378438784799216_n
2-3 large potatoes ( if using Idahos 1 is plenty 😂)
1 cup crushed roasted peanuts
2-3 green chilies chopped
2 tbsp oil
2 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar

1 Pinch of Love
1/2 a lemon (for juice)
Fresh cilantro to garnish
Wash and Grate the potatoes with skin, you can peel them if you don’t like the skin.
Crush roasted peanuts to a coarse powder
Heat oil in the pan
Add cumin seeds and bloom
Add green chilies
Add the grated potatoes
Stir well till the oil coats all strands.
Sprinkle the crushed peanuts
Stir and flip.
Add salt and sugar
Squeeze the juice of half a lemon uniformly
Stir and cover it with a lid.
Cook on low heat for 5-7 mins.
Stir once more.
Garnish with fresh cilantro
Add a pinch of love
Serve hot with yogurt !
Easy to make dish


1/2 cup minced chicken
1 boiled potato peeled and mashed11755873_867006280040174_4235129953063035727_n
1/4 cup fresh corn kernels
1 medium onion fine diced
2 tbsp besan
1 tsp red chlli powder
1/4 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup fine chopped fresh cilantro
1 pinch of love
1/4 cup semolina ( for dredge)
Oil to shallow fry
Mix all the ingredients to a nice homogeneous mix.
Take a fist full lump of the mix and pat it on your hand. You can grease your palm with a drop of oil.
Shape the mix in a flat oval or round.
I usually point one end and broaden the other n indent the top to make a heart out of it
Take the semolina in a flat shallow bowl
Dredge the patty thru it very gently and lightly on all sides
Lift it out and pack it with gentle compression with your fingers
Heat a shallow frying pan with a light brushing of oil on medium heat
Slide in the patties and cover the pan. Cook 5 mins on each side on a tsp oil.
Garnish with cilantro
Serve with a chutney or ketchup